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A devastating asteroid is about to rain destruction and chaos down on our world. Scientists create two groups to save mankind, our culture, and our technology. One group goes into stasis while the other heads to Mars. Centuries later, those in stasis wake up to find the Martians have invaded! Horribly scarred as a child from a Martian attack, Tedo is eventually thrown out of his clan to survive on his own. He stumbles across Alec, an artificial intelligence created by Cynthia Carter almost two thousand years earlier, and he has a problem. Unable to wake those he watches over, he asks Tedo for help. The world Cyn wakes up to find is completely different from the one destroyed by Apophis. But that's okay—it's why she was made and she has prepared for it. What she didn't expect was Tedo, the Martians, or to wake up to a world headed for war. Click the button on my Home Page to order your copy today!
Caron Rider
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